Take note on youthful happiness

Coming out of the Boston ‘burbs is TAKE NOTE– a brand inspired by skateboarding, nature, and art. This creative project is run by a high school sophomore, and you can really feel a sense of youthful joy in each design.


Youth culture has a spectrum, and many independent brands tend to communicate darker themes and messages. The younger years can be filled with rebellion or confusion, and the kids expressing this through music and fashion push themselves to take creative risks. However, TAKE NOTE has chose a different path– to be friendly and fun. It’s cool to see a brand embrace friends and family in such an effortless way. Sometimes I forget how to be lighthearted, but this is one brand that helps me remember.


Let’s all take the time to appreciate our humble beginnings and happy vibes. Thanks for reminding us of that.


Get at ’em on Instagram @TakeNoteBrand 


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