DOUBLET, is a unisex Japanese street wear label designed by Masayuki Ino. Ino is full of unbelievable talent– he’s the winner the 2018 LVMH Prize for emerging talent.

His ability to make bold statements through apparel leaves my jaw on the floor. Take a look at how he explores the medium of clothing; unfinished embroidery, overloads of patches, deconstructed silhouettes. And it does not stop there…

DOUBLET is purely about personality. You can’t help but be captivated by the clothes. They look like costume pieces from a Tokyo-based Baz Luhrmann film. You can feel the pulsing energy that comes from the colors and materials in this collection. The rush of underground raves, skateboard waves, and avoiding the grave. I love it.


Get at ‘em on Instagram at @__doublet__


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