MATT GONDEK is a Los Angeles artist that paints deconstructed pop icons.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Matt’s creative background began with drawing comic books art an early age. He started his professional career making art for music merch, and tried his hand in running a clothing boutique. After deciding to focus primarily on fine art, Matt’s reach began exploding… just like his paintings.

His art is controlled yet wild, bursting with color and energy. There’s a sense of humor and lack of seriousness that’s been paired up with flashy violence. All your childhood heroes– Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson, Pikachu, and dozens more are being ripped apart by some type of cataclysmic force. The texture and attention to detail as amazing, while being incredibly fun to look at.



Reminiscent of KAWS or Ron English, Matt has his own distinct aesthetic. He’s made murals, canvas, and collector vinyl… and you know there’s more to come!



Get at ’em on Instagram @GondekDraws.

For more artistic endeavors, check out SHMOXD.

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