Kiss and tell: Michal Ojrzanowski

This whole article is dedicated to MICHAL OJRZANOWSKI‘s enamel pin, called ‘KISSS’. He’s an architect and object designer based out of Chicago. There’s a tremendous amount of Swiss influence in his work– strong geometric emphasis, and plenty of white space. But all that aside, this single enamel pin design is just really dope to me.


Something about the shape, line, and color choice is very unforgettable. The way it’s displayed and photographed is very striking. It’s playful yet ambiguous. I know it’s just a pin, but I love the fact that it’s treated as an art object. There’s a limited amount of them, and they’re absolutely worth the effort to find. Pop it onto your outfit and get ready to indulge in other people’s curiosity.


Get at ’em on Instagram @mojrzanowski.


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