KRISTOPHER KITES is one of the best artists in Chicago right now. Yeah, I said it.


The man makes work that’s simple and straight to the point. You know how comic book culture is poppin’ right now? Marvel, DC, and all that geeky stuff? Well your mans Kristopher has the power to bring that culture to a high-end art + fashion level. Bruh makes some of the wildest jewelry I’ve ever seen.

Is it gold and diamonds? Nope. The main attraction here is TOYS. But not any toys– I’m looking at old school X-Men ToyBiz action figures, these new school little Lego-looking things, Bandai Power Rangers… all types of nostalgia up in this! Who needs precious metal and gems when the real jewels here are made out of plastic and sweet, sweet nostalgia. Who else does shit like this??


Young brotha is like a comic book superhero; he’s the result of a freak accident. It’s like one day, Damien Hirst and Virgil Abloh fused their powers together into DJ Quik’s body with Venus Williams braids. The result is KITES, a young prodigy with the powers to make you look dope as hell. And he’s got more than just chains.

The boy is out here making knit sweaters too. But not the type of knit sweaters that asexual librarians wear, with dried up little cat urine stains here and there… knit sweaters that work link up perfectly with the jewelry line. Just like the toys, he takes the apparel to another stage. I’m looking at bright colors and patterns, and graphics from AKIRA. I’m telling you, the young dude must be from another planet!

And while he’s on Earth, he’s getting his shit out there. You gotta respect that– homie’s been covered by Vogue, his chains are on the necks of key influencers, and he’s taking his skills to NYC. He’s on the grind, and he’s gonna blow up huge soon. I can picture him working in high fashion, doing major artist collabos, or even  getting on some type of Cartier / Tiffany type shit.

Kristopher said, “I’m out here gettin’ that GREEN.”


Are you feeling Kris or what? How do you see this dude taking over the game?


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