LAUREN ASTA is slowly taking over the world, one wall at a time. She’s filling up the streets with a bunch of little goofy faces. They stare at you, yelling gibberish and going “PPTTTTT” with their tongues. They’re clumsy and hyperactive. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.


At least in Chicago. I see these noisy little faces inside office spaces, in cafés, and on the sides of buildings. What do they want from me??

Only Lauren Asta knows. She’s pulled these people out of her brain and painted them on damn near everything. And I have no idea how so many of these little guys live in her head, because her head is not that big. She’s constantly dwarfed by by the murals she makes; these giant detailed paintings that must take forever to get done. Lauren is out here with a tub of black paint, a white wall, and a bunch of determination.


And that’s what’s so wild about homegirl– she’s prolific. What seems like a carefree drawing is probably an intense labor in reality. This shit looks like it takes FOREVER to get done. I don’t know how her arms stay attached to her body. And yet her doodles are all over the world, inside and outside buildings, including each little individual face. It’s like she’s building her own Terracotta Army. Come to think of it, it would be cool to see her rendition of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

She’s worked with Nike, Vans, Google, and a ton of other folks… Just freehand doodling her way into the next adventure. If anything, I’m inspired to take fun little self-expressions and turn them into something people enjoy. I have no exact idea how to do it, but I’ll try to do it like Lauren does it: start from left to right, and see what happens.

Get at her on Instagram @Lauren_Asta.


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