How do you become an underground fashion icon? Easy! Just be the coolest kid in New York and Paris.

In this video, we take an in depth look at Luka Sabbat. He’s the next ‘It’ boy of the social media generation. Think of him as an up and coming James Dean or Johnny Depp, except his story is isn’t on the big screen. Luka Knows all the top socialites, wears the latest fashion creations, and lounges in the limelight.

Young Luka was born in New York City in 1997, to a stylist & chef named Jessica Ronner and a fashion designer named Clark Sabbat. They both worked with John Galliano in their early careers. He’s English, German, and Haitian. While splitting his time between Paris and New York, Luka grew up attending runway shows and developing his stylish personality.

To this day, Luka Sabbat is around tastemakers and creative professionals like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West. As he grew into his late teens, he became a face for HOOD BY AIR campaigns, VFILES, various BEEN TRILL media, and YEEZY.

Luka Sabbat’s look and urban vibe is what comes though in his photoshoots for Dolce & Gabbana, The Kooples, Ovadia & Sons, and plenty of other high end brands. Luka’s even made ads for Evian. He’s the glue that connects them to the trendy, experimental, and aspirational youth of today– Skateboarders, Fashion fanatics, Art connoisseurs, and punk rockers.

Luka Sabbat is a product of worlds colliding; something he actively does whenever he has the chance. His current mash-up projects includes HOT MESS; a creative agency founded with photographer partner Noah Mills. They first connected on Twitter, and have been a collaborative force creating merch, apparel, and sharing the beautiful bizarre things they’ve seen.

Describing himself as a Creative Entrepreneur, and Luka Sabbat fully understands that he’s a cool kid. He knows how to be calm and comfortable around big time people. Fashion and art can be a pretentious world, and Luka knows exactly when to be a down to earth kid. He brings taste and elegance to the streets, and his super casual demeanor to the high end shindigs.

Luka Sabbat’s coolness is true and authentic in every way– he knows the exact line that separates him from other tryhards. He knows he’s special, and he’s never in a rush to tell you. You gotta find that out by yourself.

It’s like Mr. Sabbat is the male version of Cara Delevigne. They’re both some type of striking physical specimen, equally familiar with glamour and goofing around. They have a human side, despite living lives of exclusivity. They both have a potential for a career that extends out of fashion. It might seem unsurprising if they choose to go off on an adventure away from public view…. But don’t think for a second that Cara or Luka are gonna give up the spotlight anytime soon. For example, Luka’s been seen with Kourtney Kardashian– the two are a suspected romantic pair. Now to any young man, hooking up with an A-class cougar is on some pimp level game. For someone so young, Luka’s known exactly how to be a man.

His Instagram stories are pretty entertaining, Luka has a lot of personality to be recorded. Interviews with him are insightful– despite the emphasis on his trendy vocabulary, Luka’s words often come from a genuine place. Mr. Sabbat has a base instinct on what it takes to brand himself, and carry that branding into everything he does. In all honesty, Luka’s aware that he grew up with money, style, and access. But thankfully, he’s got a sense of tact and appreciation for the things he enjoys.

If there’s anything that we learned from researching Luka Sabbat, it’s this: being cool is a gift and a skill. You have to have enthusiasm for status, not obsession. The man makes the clothes, the clothes do not make the man. I don’t think we’ll ever see a picture of Luka Sabbat sweating, crying, or tripping over himself. When you set a personal standard on yourself, make sure to work with people who can afford it.


So the next time you’re thinking about making moves, try this out:
1. Observe the qualities of things that are high-value.
2. Find some characteristics within yourself that reflect value.
3. Let those characteristics guide how you interact with the world, and see what happens.

Luka Sabbat does that, and it’s working out pretty good so far. That’s what it means to PUSH PRODUCT.

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