Push Product is all about Independent Artists and Creatives. It might seem a little weird that we’re talking about a big Hollywood celebrity like Terry Crews. He’s not an underground fashion icon, or an up-and-coming musician. But Terry is phenomenally creative– his hands in everything!

Terry Crews is an Actor, athlete, Brand ambassador, artist, PC gamer, social activist, FURNITURE DESIGNER, and flutist!

So Terry Crews isn’t miraculously talented. He’s interested. His ability to learn and have new experiences has helped him develop powerful creative skills.

To most people, Terry Crews has been a familiar face for almost 20 years. You’ve seen Terry in action movies, comedies, TV shows, web series, media appearances. He’s big & burly; yet surprisingly open, vulnerable, and hilariously goofy. That goofiness has opened a lot of doors for a guy who could easily be typecast into a villain, goon, or commando. His style of comedy blew up around the early 2000s, with movies like Idiocracy and White Chicks. But he hit the comedic stratosphere when Old Spice picked him to be their mascot.

Terry Crews is also a talented painter.

After watching Star Wars, young Terry Crews was inspired to draw & paint. As his skills improved, he became a courtroom illustrator and earned an art scholarship. Terry Crews comes from a rough neighborhood in Flint, Michigan, so he became tough, competitive, and passionately expressive. Those art skills would help him pay bills whenever he was cut from a football team. He painted portraits of teammates to help pay the bills.

Terry Crews is built like a tank because he had to adapt to his environment. He grew up with a strict religious mother and was physically abused by an alcoholic father. His friends discouraged him from pursuing his true interests, and his town of Flint, Michigan had a failing economy with a growing drug problem.

Terry had one option if he wanted to succeed: He had to push back harder to get ahead. He grew big and strong, taught himself art, and dove headfirst into every situation. Every time his life took an unexpected direction, Terry Crews used it as an opportunity to build his skill set. Terry has shortcomings just like the rest of us, he just allows himself to work through the experience.

These qualities helped him become a PC Gamer and a better father. Terry’s son is big into gaming. Wanting to use his son’s interests into as something to bond over, Terry learned how to play and compete in tournaments & livestreams. Though Terry Crews is not playing at an elite level, he’s certainly not afraid to look amateur.

Because he’s got so many different skills, he has huge crossover appeal. He’s an action star, a TV dad, game show host, author, and a powerful motivator. Whenever you see him, he’s ultra-positive… but not in a phony way. He’s authentic & likable because he’s real.

Terry’s latest pursuit is becoming a recognized furniture designer. He debuted his collection at the New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair. As usual, Terry unexpectedly dove into the design world by supporting his longtime friend Ini Archibong. Crews financed Ini’s work that was showcased at the 2016 Milan Furniture fair, named The Secret Garden. This venture led to him being contacted by Bernhardt Design.

Using his artistic & creative skillset, Terry Crews put together a sophisticated, modern furniture collection. His unique background could’ve easily worked against him, as seasoned designers might not recognize the talent from a comedic actor. However, Terry Crews put out an impressive collection. We want to underline how important it is for someone like Terry Crews to branch out into the world of furniture design. This is where Terry’s potential shines. Different outcomes happen when you think a little more creatively.

Here’s the Terry Crews formula for success: When something unexpected comes your way, use it as an opportunity to invest your interest. Once you’re invested, express yourself & share what you’ve learned. Put yourself out there enough so you’ll be versatile and out-of-box. Like Terry, you’ll soon create lasting connections with people.

Terry Crews turns interest into talent. When you make the choice to explore a new path, there’s no telling how far the road will take you.

That’s what it means to Push Product.

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