How DIME Became DIME

Welcome to the world of Dime, where everything kicks ass.

For this episode of __In Process, we’re taking a look at Dime. They’re a skate company that originally started out as a ragtag group of friends from Montreal, Canada. The brand currently exists as a store, clothing + accessory line, and event curator. But most of all, Dime is just a company that makes and promotes skateboarding.

Dime is currently one of the most pure and fun brands out. They are 100% committed to supporting the core skateboarding culture, yet they have an incredibly broad appeal. They are unpretentious, groundbreaking, and unique. With all the competition in the action sports realm, that’s saying a lot.

Dime was founded by Antoine Asselin, Philippe Lavoie, Bob Lasalle, Hugo Balek, Charles Rivard, Eric Riedl and Alexis Lacroix. Vincent Tsang was brought on later as the art director and head of marketing. The goal was simple: Make some cool and entertaining videos that showed off their hometown of Montreal. However, dude to VIncent’s efforts, the brand became more creatively focused. Soon, Dime hit the radar of influencers just outside the skate community, like Virgil Abloh, Kaytranada, and Lily Rose Depp.

Most importantly however, through collaborations with Thrasher, Vans, and eventually DC; thet put together the greatest skateboarding event to exist. THE GLORY CHALLENGE.
Dime’s Glory Challenge is the best skate competition because it’s a spectacle. There are several events that occur within The Glory Challenge; each one is hilariously inventive. Skaters must wear speed enhancing sunglasses, fight in gladiator duels, and overcome comically bizarre obstacles.

With The Glory Challenge, Dime opens up skateboarding culture to a wider audience, while still maintaining integrity. Similar brands like Supreme and Palace are experimental and extremely sought after, but Dime stands out on it’s own. Even though they make items that are of limited quantity, they do to embrace the small market.

Dime is often compared to the boutique giants, but they really seem more at home with other fun artistic brands like Bronze 56K, Polar, Krooked, Skatemental, or Girl. These brands are all about friends and being different. And even though Dime is as pure skateboarding as you can get, they are VERY different from core brands like Emerica, Baker, or Zero.

Dime perfectly balances the niche market and mass audience. They work with large brands like DC, but not to go after big money and exposure. They bring their own flavor to these large collaborations, and always appeal to the individualist.

Dime is capable of all of this, because they are based on one absolute principle: Skateboarding.

Dime understands the meaning of skate culture, but doesn’t try too hard. They will never fall victim to fashion trends, or lose their artistic credibility. Dime teaches us to always have fun and experiment. They want you to challenge yourself, and feel the rush of doing something you thought was dangerously impossible.

Dime is proof that growing up isn’t about becoming mature or reserved. It’s about finding new and refined ways to express your craziness.

That’s what it means to Push Product.

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