Will Ian Connor, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Youth’, ever make it back to the throne?

In this episode of In Process, we’re taking a look at the rise and fall of Ian Connor. In his prime, Ian was a key insider in music and fashion, with connections to A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, and Wiz Khalifa. He worked as a brand consultant, stylist, and creative influencer.

Ian Connor gained his creative ability through growing up as a misfit teenager in Atlanta. He has many intersecting interests, from skateboarding and punk, to street style and high end fashion. He caught the eye of many influential tastemakers by being incredibly standout– despite being only 5’5” and odd looking. As a matter of fact, Ian kind of created his own version of attractiveness by embracing his ugly side. Because of these key personality traits, Ian became connected to the hip-hop inner circles when he moved to NYC at the age of 18.

Even though Ian Connor started out as a street kid with style, he eventually would lend his creative perspectives to the A$AP Mob. Ian’s new industry connections allowed him to get paid off modeling, and he would be the face of many up and coming streetwear brands. As his face became more recognized, Ian seemed to be defying all types of stigmas given off by his appearance; and he was primed to go far in any direction he chose. Wherever he went, he wanted to place a brooding, edgy signature on anything he touched.

But the consequences of Ian’s flashy lifestyle soon caught up with him. In 2016, Ian Connor was accused of rape by 6 women. Though these accusations have not been proven, Ian never really fought against them. Instead, he maintained a cryptic aura and pokerface. Whether this was the right strategy or not, Ian has not been making any significant career strides since. Ian has released a sneaker brand named Revenge X Storm, and a clothing line called Sicko Born From Pain. Though there’s been a bit of an underground reception to these brands, not much has been built off them yet.

Ultimately, Ian Connor grounded himself before he really began to take flight. Perhaps he always wanted to be in the background of things, but he certainly had potential to take center stage. Sadly, there’s been hints of his background being scarred in ways that severely hinder his current situation. That leaves Ian Connor in a state of limbo– will he continue to brood and bask in the shadows, or will he rise to the top and be the king he claims to be?

Ian Connor’s story is a cautionary tale. He knows what small creative improvements can take a person to the next level, and he’s supposed to be a living embodiment of those principles. Misfit or not, if you know better, be better.

That’s what it means to Push Product.

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