How AWGE Became AWGE

Most people focus on what exactly AWGE means. But the truth is AWGE has multiple meanings; and that’s the point. To dig deeper into this secretive circle, we got the chance to work with TKW Presents.

In this episode of _In Process , we’re looking at AWGE– the ‘secret’ creative agency founded by A$AP Rocky. Working with Robert Gallardo, Tan Kamera, Ian Connor, Dexter Navy, Shane Gonzales, Ben Baller, and a few others, A$AP Rocky placed a stronger emphasis on experimental projects in film, fashion, and events.

From a fashion collection with Guess, to the Midnight Rave, AWGE has been steadily developing projects that reach just beyond hip hop. Most recently, AWGE seemingly came out of left field to work with under armor – and revive one of skateboarding is most polarizing oddities: the Osiris D3. On the surface, this seems like a cheap gimmick that Rocky and AWGE could use to tap into the protective culture of skateboarding. However, the handling of this project reveals something key about AWGE’s methods. A$AP rocky, with the formal blessings of Dave Mayhew, work to expand on his signature method of operation – to bring a separate cultures together in unity. Rocky is known to represent street kids and avant garde high fashion houses. Because of this, AWGE potentially acts as a bridge between the upper echelon and the ghetto.

New York City has a few modern creative masterminds from Bloody Osiris, another Harlem fashion prodigy, to this up-and-coming collective we recently caught wind of – Urbvn Architects. Like AWGE, they’re grinding to bring the quintessential NYC experience to music, art, and fashion.

To us at Push Product AWGE resembles a different philosophical design movement: The Bauhaus– a 1920s German school for industrial design believes that objects should be purest form, and the interactions between people and design which shape their entire existence. The Bauhaus introduced a compelling minimalist aesthetic that continues to influence the world around us to this day.

But AWGE can also be critically interpreted as the worship of the material. Does the world truly need more depictions of material wealth that makes the youth desperate to appear more special than their peers?

AWGE might be the next evolution of hip-hop culture; taking rappers away from individual talent, and making them multidisciplinary creative leaders. Let’s hope that Rocky has the heart to play the long game with the winning team. When you go from making art for the culture, to making culture for artists, there’s no telling how far you’ll go.

That’s what it means to Push Product.

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