Over the past few weeks, we’ve been faking that Brian Donnelly reached out to us for a collaboration. We made a graphic t-shirt that resembled his aesthetic. We wanted to look like we were coming up hard in the art/streetwear world. We put it in the UNIQLO store to make it seem real. We even made a fake Hypebeast article and promoted it on Instagram. Why did we do this?

Because KAWS already did this in his own way. Ripping off the works of Disney, placing his work in existing advertisements, you name it. KAWS didn’t wait for permission to put his name out there… he just went for it.

In this episode of _IN PROCESS, we’ve ripped off KAWS. 

And now it’s our turn. We HAD to go for it, because we didn’t have a choice. The Push Product channel was slowly dying. We saw a major decline in audience engagement. We saw this as a turning point in our journey– it was time to take a risk.

The shirt we made – an original fake (get it?)

And now we want you, our audience, to take a risk. Just like KAWS did to start off his career. For the past few weeks, we’ve been living like KAWS, and we’ve seen a boost in activity. We’ve made sales off the merchandise we put out, and an increase in followers. We have no idea what’s around the next corner… but we’re willing to make the leap. Wherever we go from here, we will get there through creativity.

That’s what it means to Push Product.

Thanks for your support! If you still want a refund for your order, email Noboru@Push-Product.com. Please do so before 07/12/2019 in order to ensure fufillment.

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