The Big Day SUCKED. So we RE-MADE It.

In the very first episode of our new series, we’re taking a look at why THE BIG DAY went wrong. Then, we’re going to talk about how & why we took it upon ourselves to re-make it!

THE BIG DAY was critically panned by most fans of Chance The Rapper. He’s been Hip Hop’s golden boy for a while now, so it seems so compelling that his first major feature-length album is so loathed! Anybody can give an opinion, and PUSH PRODUCT’s thoughts have no value… unless we take action.

Deepest THANK YOU To Everyone Involved.

John Bitoy | @blackmaninofff
LLUSION | @llusionmusic
EUMONIK | @iameumonik |
Chris Punsalan | @chrispunsalan
CHU | @prodbychu
SIKKY | @sikkybeats
MAYZE | @prodbymayze
Misfit | @failed_planb

Mason Dane | @masondaane
Savington | @itsjussav
Ophie | @mopthof
Jack | @jackwild_
Apollo Veritas | @apolloveritas
Saint | @1k.ssaint
Complex | @chitownscomplex
Zeto Chase | @zetochase
Ashamad | @notxashamad

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