LAUREN ASTA is slowly taking over the world, one wall at a time. She’s filling up the streets with a bunch of little goofy faces. They stare at you, yelling gibberish and going “PPTTTTT” with their tongues. They’re clumsy and hyperactive. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.   At least in Chicago. I see these noisy little faces inside […]

Excuse me Miss.

MISS. is my new favorite indie skateboard company. I don’t even know that much about it– the name of the guy who runs it, where they’re located, how long they’ve been around… it’s all a mystery. But I absolutely love the graphics.  The visuals are simple and so wonderfully memorable. Big blocks of color are […]


BAD THINGS is a skate-rat inspired fashion company coming out of New Zealand. They make clothing and accessories adorned with some playfully badass artwork– grotesque aliens, snakes, evil creatures, and overall radness. These are clothes for folks who grew up on a skateboard, played in a band, or got into some mischief.   BAD THINGS […]

Take note on youthful happiness

Coming out of the Boston ‘burbs is TAKE NOTE– a brand inspired by skateboarding, nature, and art. This creative project is run by a high school sophomore, and you can really feel a sense of youthful joy in each design.   Youth culture has a spectrum, and many independent brands tend to communicate darker themes […]

RAVISAUCE: focused on fresh flavor & fingerboards

With early beginnings in places like Reddit Streetwear, RaviSauce is an apparel brand inspired by skateboarding. As a result, they’ve assembled a collection of t-shirts, jackets, and fingerboard decks. Fun Shit!   VINTAGE SIMPLE TEE | $25.95 USD   VINTAGE SIMPLE TEE | $25.95 USD   According to them, “RaviSauce was initiated through the Italian […]