NOVA SUPPLY is a clothing line created by Clayson Fletcher. Based out of Toronto, the brand finds the middle ground between comfort, elegance, and militaristic utility. This relaxed style is expressed with soft and breezy materials that are assembled to look sturdy and functional. There’s a hint of Issey Miyake and Eileen Fisher, with a […]

Maison Honoré is where you live

Djamel Cheboub is the designer behind Maison Honoré. The clothing collection is rooted in the streets of Paris suburbs, and inspired by dreams. Djamel uses apparel as the medium that honors dreams. When you look at the collection, there’s that awesome carefree vibe that comes with the French lifestyle.         Maison Honoré is made […]


RESURGENCE is a brand heavily inspired by a cyberpunk dystopian future. Major tech, mech, and Hideo Kojima influences are present in their tees, hoodies, outerwear, and accessories. We on some William Gibson shit out here!   If you’re looking for a weapon to surpass Metal Gear, look no further than this streetwear brand. Fashion choices […]

SLEEP is the brand you wake up to

Ever wanted to a be a kinder person, but just didn’t have the energy? We’ve got just the brand for you.   SLEEP is a straightforward apparel collection that doesn’t take shit from anyone. Sounds a little harsh, but they ain’t telling lies. They offer up a collection filled with crewneck sweaters, hoodies, belts, hats, […]