Maison Honoré is where you live

Djamel Cheboub is the designer behind Maison Honoré. The clothing collection is rooted in the streets of Paris suburbs, and inspired by dreams. Djamel uses apparel as the medium that honors dreams. When you look at the collection, there’s that awesome carefree vibe that comes with the French lifestyle.         Maison Honoré is made […]


DOUBLET, is a unisex Japanese street wear label designed by Masayuki Ino. Ino is full of unbelievable talent– he’s the winner the 2018 LVMH Prize for emerging talent. His ability to make bold statements through apparel leaves my jaw on the floor. Take a look at how he explores the medium of clothing; unfinished embroidery, […]

Take note on youthful happiness

Coming out of the Boston ‘burbs is TAKE NOTE– a brand inspired by skateboarding, nature, and art. This creative project is run by a high school sophomore, and you can really feel a sense of youthful joy in each design.   Youth culture has a spectrum, and many independent brands tend to communicate darker themes […]

Steady Hands, smooth touch

Smooth, cozy, chill… Just looking at STEADY HANDS takes the stress out of life. Coming out of New Jersey, STEADY HANDS is a small independent clothing brand based around pale colors, soothing tones, and relaxed vibes. Feel that breeze, baby.   All pieces are cut and sew– so you know you’re gonna get top quality. Their […]


Bryan Perrenoud straight up oozes creativity– The man loves crafting together all kinds of items. When he’s not cranking out YouTube videos, he’s making hot goods with his brand SHMOXD. Get ready for ice cream, pizza, and all types of playful flava.   His quirky, eye-catching art is adorned on jackets, tees, enamel pins, and sterling […]


WICKED is the East Coast lifestyle brand that represents contemporary streetwear that takes its cues from high fashion. Coming straight out of Boston, this creative fashion collection includes a mix of cut & sew options– outerwear, pants, shorts, beanies, tees, and flannels.   WICKED adopts a grungy, military aesthetic; as well as a sophisticated twist […]


PATTERNED CORDUROY TRUCKER JACKET  | 120.00 USD When you get tired of seeing the same clothes over & over again there’s nothing left for you to do than start your own fashion house. At least that’s how INEFFABLE sees it. They were found with “originality” as the main focus. After checking out their social accounts and website, […]

RAVISAUCE: focused on fresh flavor & fingerboards

With early beginnings in places like Reddit Streetwear, RaviSauce is an apparel brand inspired by skateboarding. As a result, they’ve assembled a collection of t-shirts, jackets, and fingerboard decks. Fun Shit!   VINTAGE SIMPLE TEE | $25.95 USD   VINTAGE SIMPLE TEE | $25.95 USD   According to them, “RaviSauce was initiated through the Italian […]